Monte cristo recipe

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Copycat Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwiches? You bet! I going to teach you how to make the Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich that the Cajun restaurant in Disneyland is famous for!

Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich

How to Make a Monte Cristo Sandwich

I have been that means to re-create the Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich delight considering that we got house from Disneyland but of course, I was waiting to publish all about my experiences when the new website design and style was done.

  1. Make the sandwiches by layering a slice of Swiss cheese, then the four meat slices,
    then Swiss cheese, best with the remaining slice of bread.
  2. Spot a toothpick on each corner of the sandwich.
  3. Dip the total sandwich in the batter, covering the surface totally and fry in
    340 degrees Fahrenheit oil until finally golden.
  4. Take away and drain on paper towels.
  5. Remove the toothpicks and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Why is is Referred to as a Monte Cristo?

Apparently it was Disneyland that first named this sandwich the Monte Cristo. This sandwich is super shut to the French Croque Monsieur which is one more popular sandwich that everyone enjoys. From the 1930’s-60’s you could uncover this sandwich in cookbooks listed as a “French Sandwich”, “Toasted Ham Sandwich”, and “French Toasted Cheese Sandwich”.

The initial step was to create a sweet batter, as the batter they use at The Blue Bayou is NOT a savory a single at all! You require to have some sweetness to it to counter the meat and cheese inside, otherwise you are not obtaining the true deal. I sat there while eating it and mentally picked apart the batter, tasting the sweet twinge to it, realizing that sugar was definitely an ingredient. If you don’t use a sweet batter, you are not going to get something close flavor-smart. It may possibly still be great, but not great!

The 2nd was to figure out how to get all that goodness inside…well, to keep on the within! Whilst I genuinely feel that the Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou doesn’t have bread as significantly as it has all batter, I’m going to use some white bread to give us that identical effect

These are as shut as you can get to the true point, with out really consuming them at Disneyland! When you are carried out, you are going to have one remarkable searching sandwich, like the 1 pictured under. I utilized Texas toast because it is so properly squared – easier to batter and fry up- but any white bread that is a square form will work as well. Make a decision at the commence if you want thin or thick bread and go from there.

Slice that attractiveness in half and dust with icing sugar if you want. (Dusted with icing sugar is how Disneyland does it)

Mike prefers them without the icing sugar, so this was his sandwich and when I say “his”, I truly suggest “his half” . These are crazy wealthy sandwiches, I didn’t even finish the one I had in Disneyland! We made two sandwiches for a household of four to share and it was plenty!

Ta-daaa! The Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich! From my very own tiny kitchen! What a treat this was to recreate my favourite Disneyland sandwich! Make confident to dip it in raspberry jam just like they serve it in Disneyland!

What is your favourite foods from Disneyland? Make certain to read through my Disneyland Foods Bucket Checklist, it has all the great factors you require to consume! I really hope you all attempt this recipe, at least as soon as! Allow me know if you do!

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